Sophie Bridgland

 Sophie is a self-taught artist who mostly creates mixed media paintings, using acrylics, watercolours and her signature metallic and textured accents. Her aim is to paint expressive scenes inspired by real life, but captured in a way that enhances the beauty, light and energy of the subject.

 She has been painting since childhood, developing her style by painting anything and everything, in many different techniques and methods. Her art career started in 2018, when she hosted her own solo art exhibition which displayed the colour and versatility of her work. 

 “I tend to build my paintings up in layers to create depth, and always allow myself to change my mind as I work. I think you can tell when a painting has been made intuitively rather than forcing something specific to come out. Painting this way keeps it fun for me, keeps the inspiration flowing, and means I always produce something new and fresh.”