Roberta Tetzner

Roberta lives and has her studio in Goring on Thames.   

Her paintings seek to create a timeless space where it is possible to meditate upon, and closely observe the beauty in the world around us, to become present to the wonder of nature and our human relationship to it.

"This is enforced by the meditative state that I experience when I paint, the total immersion of myself to the process, the ‘discussion’ with the canvas, how I make a mark and the response, firstly, sometimes by trial and error, where the next mark is to be made."

Roberta paints in a very intuitive way. Applying layers of paint, often scraping off as much as is put on, re-layering, then wiping off more, adding thick textured paint, and so on. Then the surprise and joy of creating the right combination – the visual with the feeling she is trying to convey.  

"With these flower paintings I am celebrating the beauty of the world around us, the staggering power that it holds, and our memories and associations with it."