Peter Clare

Peter has lived in Tilehurst for around 35 years having come to the Reading area in the 1980’s to study at the University. He is married with two children. The love and practise of art has been a constant through Peter’s business career and having retired he now has the time to pursue his passion for art, with watercolours becoming a recent focus.


Some thoughts on watercolour art……


I’m inspired by the contemporary, semi-abstract style of watercolours, in particular the juxtapose of colours and the light versus dark effects which can be very powerful and emotive. Watercolours can be vibrant or they can be very subtle depending on how the medium is mixed and used. There is also an element of unpredictability with watercolours that I love. I’m in semi-control mode at times with the paint doing what it wants to do, and that is why I enjoy the medium and creative process so much. I’m constantly learning and I don’t think you ever stop learning with watercolours.