Pete Morton - Wood Turner

A Goring based woodturner and carver, Pete Morton works with locally and ethically sourced timber to produce artisan craft pieces that celebrate this natural resource. 

He has a deep-rooted passion for nature and conservation, and a long standing relationship working with wood that grew from early beginnings chopping logs, carving axe handles and stopping to admire the grain.  

Hidden beneath the bark is a marvellous array of patterns, colours and waves of growth. Each species is different, and no two trees are the same, nor are two cuts from the same log. Wood turning as a medium, revels in this individualistic nature of the material that makes every piece one of a kind. I often find that as I am working, the tree has as much a hand in shaping the final piece as I do. Every log is hand selected and every cut is worked in a way that embraces its unique character and aesthetic value.” - Pete