Nicolette Carter

Nicolette studied painting at West Surrey College of Art and Design, now known as : University For The Creative Arts. It was a joy to  explore other creative avenues there, including, sculpture, printmaking and textiles. Following her degree Nicolette went on to further study and completed a year ,long course in hand drawn and stop motion animation at London Institute L.I.C.A.P.  This lack of boundaries between creative disciplines has a had a strong influence on Nicolette’s work, but painting has always been her first love.

After more than thirty years as a successful, professional artist, Nicolette’s work features in many private collections nationally and internationally. In 2020 she was invited to appear on BBC One’s second series of ‘Home Is Where The Art Is.’ Winning the commission in episode 14 has  resulted in many other commissions, mostly large in scale. Nicolette has been very busy working with clients to create personalised paintings telling their treasured stories.

Nicolette works in acrylic on canvas. The versatility of this medium allows a combination of water colour style wash, dry brush effects and very fine detail. Nicolette’s work takes inspiration from the natural world and includes observational drawing combined  with imagined detail to create dreamlike ,poetic images. She has been influenced by medieval European art , Mughal painting and folk art from many cultures.