Nicholas Quirke

Bio - Nick Quirke

Nicholas (Nick) Sean Quirke was born in London, England and attended Byam Shaw school of Art (now part of Central St Martins) in 2002 before completing a Diploma in Fine Art at Spike Island Bristol.

His body of work captures the unique colours within the sky and often the reflection of these on water. Nick has strong connections to the regatta, having rowed during school and beyond, before becoming the Head Rowing Coach of the University of the West of England in Bristol. Having spent much of his time on the water, either rowing or coaching, this is where his love of the sky has come from and developed, and can be seen in his paintings. He is a family man and has two young daughters.

Artist Statement - Nick Quirke

"My work explores the relationship between light and dark, and how colour can manipulate structures. Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the unrelenting variations of colour in the sky, and how these are mirrored on water. I like my work to give the viewer just enough information that they can understand the form and the subject but they need to fill in the gaps with their own imagination. My work has evolved from very fine detail, into a type of abstract yet contemporary style. The idea of giving just enough information excites me. I have spent many years outside, both Rowing and coaching on water, which has enabled me to view thousands of different types of skies, in all weathers.
What I have learnt, and what I continue to learn, is how various types of paint texture and how mediums can manipulate the drying rates which enable me to create the different moods in my paintings. I mostly paint with Oil on canvas but my work at times is also painted with Acrylic and Acrylic spray paint. Sometimes a piece of my work will require me to use all three mediums."

Recent Commissions- Huntington Whiteley family 2021, Warburton’s Family 2021. Articles- 2021 June, Cotswold Living.

Nick has been invited to showcase his work in the Royal Gallery of Henley Royal Regatta, GOGO Magazine, 2020, World of Interiors, 2021,2020, House and Garden, 2021,2020.