Linda Hunn

Despite some early success, Linda elected to pursue a career with the British Army, however, her passion for art has never dwindled. Now retired from the military, Linda, lives and works in Cholsey with her husband (whom she met whilst was serving in the local area).

Linda tells us “I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to see and experience so much of the world. I find it has helped my creativity and I get so much joy translating that onto canvas. We are surrounded by so much beauty,  yet, we are often so distracted by life that we can often miss many of its treasures. If one of my paintings can make someone stop and take time to look at it, I find that truly rewarding. I suppose that is why I sometimes like to put an obscure detail into my paintings, its my way of rewarding the onlooker for their time”.

As an experienced artist and muralist, Linda welcomes enquiries about creating a portrait of a beloved person/pet and integrating their image into a bespoke piece of art, or wall mural.