Jo Lillywhite

Jo makes striking colourful paintings of the local south Oxfordshire landscape with strong lines and perspective that draw in the eye of the viewer.  Jo wants people to ask ‘what lies beyond that hill?’ and ‘where does the path through the woods go?’ 

When she’s not painting in her studio in Woodcote, Jo is often found walking through the beech woodlands and taking photos of the arable fields, plains and vistas that the area offers.  She then enjoys magnifying, and reinventing the colours that she sees, often working in complementary colours and palettes based on the natural world.

With a keen interest in wildlife, Jo also enjoys capturing the inhabitants of the landscape, and animals of the more domesticated variety.  Using her same philosophy of creating colour schemes, she uses unusual colours in animals to help bring out their character and form.

Jo works in a variety of mediums, including acrylics, pastel and charcoal.  She loves to layer pigments to make interesting colour combinations and patterns, to add depth and interest.  Her paintings are joyous and full of interesting marks and shapes.