Denny Webb

Denny Webb is a professional artist who works from her studio in Ipsden which is in a beautiful part of the Chilterns where she also holds private watercolour courses

She has worked and studied in the USA where she has won numerous awards and accolades and has paintings in private collections worldwide, she is also a member of the prestigious Oxford Art Society and has exhibited her work in Cork Street, London.

Denny's current work is on the theme of 'bringing the outdoors inside' which amalgamates colourful still life arrangements of her favourite jugs, teapots, ephemera, flowers, fruit & birds together with the local Oxfordshire landscape.

There is a sense of quiet harmony between the healing power of nature and the inner sanctuary of hearth & home which has resonated deeply with many of her customers and has made it a much loved and successful series.

Denny works in acrylics, watercolour & mixed media producing luminous paintings full of light and colour which captures the many moods of nature and the local landscape.