Claudia Araceli

Claudia is an extremely passionate and creative artist that uses watercolour to create beautiful pieces that are simplistic and ignore detail whilst retaining drama and emotion. She doesn't view her works as pretty watercolour's, but instead as impactful and shocking. She focuses on accentuating with colour but uses tone to create the mood of the subject.

For many years, Claudia has been a "pleinair painter" meaning she paints outside from direct observation. However, due to the pandemic, she has learnt to love producing larger more complex paintings enabled by the controlled environment of her studio. She is excited that she has been allowed to branch out and move her art in a different direction.

She has won 42 awards for her painting over the last few years, and was one of 100 artists worldwide to be chosen to appear in the coffee table book ‘Contemporary Artists of Excellence 2016. 

She was also one of two British watercolour artists to have a painting selected for the IWS International Watercolour Societies 2017 exhibition in India.

She was a Palm Art award nominee winning Special Merit Awards in  2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020. In 2020 she won a 2nd Chance Palm Art Award. She has also been nominated as a Palm Art Award Nominee again this year.

And countless more awards worldwide.

"I aim to capture the essence of what I see with the minimum of brush strokes, omitting un-necessary details but retaining the drama which captivates me. I do not paint pretty watercolour's, my work is large, edgy and dramatic. I focus on tonal values over colour, most, but not necessarily all of the time."