Becca Ingram

Creating art was how Becca would relax and put her thoughts onto paper. Family and friends started to notice he unique style and request pieces for themselves, BECCA; ART was born! 

Becca is a self taught artist taking inspiration from friends, family and fellow mental health sufferers in Reading, Berkshire. Her unique ideas include mixed media collage artwork to produce contemporary pieces that express the thoughts and feelings experienced by others. 

All pieces reflect a range of expressions and feelings. From the tough triggering thoughts of grief and abuse to the positive highlights from nostalgic memories and fun times with friends and family. 

All these emotions are what inspires Becca's work. All BECCA; ART has a hidden semi-colon; meaning the option to stop, the choice to continue. Her work is also signed in green and features sunflowers, wings and butterflies all symbolic to mental illness and encouraging growth and change.